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American computer-animated fantasy-film
produced by DreamTeller Studios

The Land of Forever is an ALL NEW Peter Pan Adventure currently in development in Graphic Novel & Animated formats. Captain Jas Hook returns to wreak havoc & chaos as Peter struggles to find the strength to defeat his newly resurrected arch nemesis.

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Peter Pan The Land Of Forever

Feature Films

Rosie Over The Fence
Rosie Over The Fence: by Joseph Mosey & Illustration by Francis Taylor
The Bridges

The Bridges: A young family of scientists, project themselves through a stargate across the Universe. Only to find themselves stranded in the middle of an intergalactic war. The brother and sister start to build bridges of various types to bring themselves home and bridge together multiple conflicts. Captivating as it is brilliantly animated. Hats off…

Peter Pan The Land of Forever
The Land of Forever (overview) The “The Land of Forever”(LOF) is the work of creative genius Francis Taylor. Francis is an artist, animator, and storyteller. He has effectively created the third installment of the Peter Pan story. Dream Teller Studios LLC. is in development of a full-length CGI animated production of the story he has…
Character Image Character Description Mariah Follow us on FaceBook
Character Image Character Description Smee   Follow us on FaceBook
Damien Salt
Character Image Character Description Damien Salt   Follow us on FaceBook
Michael Darling
Character Image Character Description Michael Darling At the tender age of Nineteen, Michael Darling enlisted in the British Royal Air Force. He was an ace pilot against the enemies of the Queen during the Great War. Unfortunately, his plane disappeared over enemy lines & has never been found. — with Follow us on FaceBook
Princess Tiger Lily
Character Image Character Description Princess Tiger Lily Tiger Lily is the princess of the Piccaninny Tribe of Indians (Native Americans) living on the island of Neverland. She has a strong affection towards Peter & views him as her future husband. She is fiercely jealous & protective of Peter. Her Father, Chief Panther has mad Peter…
Character Image Character Description Wendy Follow us on FaceBook
Bai-Bo (BIBI)
Character Image Character Description Bai-Bo (BIBI) Bai-bo is Maggie's dorm mate at Folsom's. She is a genius & an inventor. Although some of her inventions go Boom! She has interest in the story of the lost boy Peter Ravensdale.   Follow us on FaceBook

The time has come to believe again...

The time has come to believe again...

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