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American computer-animated fantasy-film
produced by DreamTeller Studios

The Land of Forever is an ALL NEW Peter Pan Adventure currently in development in Graphic Novel & Animated formats. Captain Jas Hook returns to wreak havoc & chaos as Peter struggles to find the strength to defeat his newly resurrected arch nemesis.

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Peter Pan The Land Of Forever

Peter Pan: The Land of Forever takes place after the events of Peter Pan in Scarlet, although not a direct sequel.
“The time has come to believe again; in faeries, and magic-and small heroes.”

About Dream Teller

DreamTeller Studios has the opportunity to capitalize on the multibillion-dollar film and merchandising industry based on the proprietary work of Francis Taylor. Francis’ story takes place after the events of the original sequel Peter Pan in Scarlet where Peter finds himself stranded and flightless.  In re-imagining an original rendition of the Peter Pan story, which has recently come into the Public Domain, Francis creates a whole new set of characters. Francis Taylor’s, Peter Pan: The Land of Forever is an authentic story continuing the Peter Pan saga with the introduction of a completely new set of modern day characters.  His female characters featuring Maggy Mannering  (Wendy’s granddaughter) and her friends are just what parents are looking for a role model for their daughters. The male characters feature Peter and Jack learning the value of friendship…  Dream Teller Studios will capitalize on both Taylor ’s creative genius and the need to provide parents with positive role models for their children, boys and girls alike, re-invigorating the millions of existing Peter Pan fans while winning legions of new fans.

PETER PAN, LAND OF FOREVER, brings Peter, Maggie and their friends into the 21st century while providing an exciting adventure maintaining the spirit and essence of J.M Barrie original works.

Dream Teller Studio, the studio behind this project, is asking for your financial support in the production of this project. We have enlisted a seasoned professional in script development and music scores. With your support, we are dedicated to adding A-list actors and actress and an experienced director. All the pre-character development and story is complete. We are at the final stage, production. With public or private support this project can be ready for lease in the next 12 to 18 months.

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